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Costa Rica Retreat

I am very grateful to have trained with Lisa Goodwin, an amazing Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, and Inspirational Speaker.

I fell in love with her teachings of yoga not only for the precise alignment she incorporates in each posture, but for the deep awareness she has regarding a mindful practice of entering and exiting postures.
I find it fascinating that during class she takes the time to plant a few life coaching seeds while teaching hoping these seeds will someday take root in each one of us.

I attend most, if not all of Lisa’s Workshops/trainings, hoping to hear the same thing I heard last year and take it to a deeper level, and yes each time I understand it a bit different.

Lisa’s yoga class is always very refreshing and very well planned, music(usually Mantras) plays a very important part in Lisa’s class, she has a purpose for each class she teaches not just to give her students a great work out but also a great WORK IN.

I am forever thankful to Lisa Goodwin for she has helped me follow the path my soul longed for.

Andrea Miller, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to choosing a yoga retreat. How do you know which one is for you? I can’t answer that, but I can say that Lisa Goodwin has created something truly unique in the experience that she creates on a yoga retreat. I like to consider her the “modern day guru.” She has a gift of being able to convey the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy in a way that has shifted my comprehension from purely intellectual to something that I feel deeply connected to in my soul. The evening life coaching sessions are intimate, meaningful and have had a profound effect on the way I live everyday life. Lisa doesn’t just talk the talk, but she truly lives by the principles and concepts that she teaches. You will often hear Lisa say, “Don’t believe me! Try it for yourself.” Pura Vida in Costa Rica is a magical place. Nothing is more appealing to me than practicing yoga, enjoying breathtaking nature, healthy and delicious meals, unique treatments with gifted healers, and the evening life coaching sessions. Lisa Goodwin is a beautiful person, both inside and out. Her love and light shines brightly in everything that she does and with every person that she interacts with. I always feel brighter, empowered, and happier after spending time with her.

Jen Posner, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Lisa Goodwin was one of my teachers when I did my 200hr teacher training  over 10 years ago. I have since opened my own school and have had Lisa Goodwin come to the studio and teach weekend workshops annually for the past 6 years.  I recommend training with Lisa. She simplifies the principles of yoga so it is easy to understand and gives you life coaching skills to make your practice a “work in” as well as a workout.
Lisa is beautiful on the outside, mainly because she is genuinely loving from the inside. She exudes compassion and has a wonderful way of telling stories so we can embrace the lessons.

Lynette Walker, Yoga Center of Cape Cod, Mass

“It is hard to not over hype someone that you love and have benefited from knowing. However, when it comes to Lisa Goodwin I can’t I say enough. She will blow your heart wide-open and set your practice on fire. “

Joshua Love, Anchorage Yoga, Alaska

Lisa shines her energy upon her students in a way that is uplifting energizing and inspiring.  She has the ability to connect with everyone she meets, leaving you uplifted and inspired to tap into your greatest fears and dreams, shifting what is holding you back. I consider Lisa an angel on earth, and am blessed to have the opportunity to have met her. I can’t wait to attend another Lisa Goodwin yoga experience.

Rosie McCaughey, Physiotherapist/Certified Yoga Instructor, Australia